About us

The BroadPoint Group management team has more than 20 years of technology, operational, recruiting and professional consulting services experience in the Pacific Northwest. We understand the challenges you face and can break it down to clear solutions and reachable success criteria. We provide a tailored solution of consulting, recruiting, technology development, or staffing that solves your business challenge.

  1. Northwest focus, global reach: This is our home. Weai??i??ve worked at the areaai??i??s largest technology companies and fastest growing start-ups before starting BroadPoint Group. Our reach is global. Our focus is local.
  2. We influence choices: A career choice is a big move. We won’t force it. If the candidate is ideal for the position, our team fosters confidence with a detailed understanding of the position, knowledge of the company and support for the candidate.
  3. Quality over quantity: BroadPoint Group focuses on premium candidates and major consulting assignments for leadership roles. We differentiate ourselves by deep consulting engagements and connecting a few extremely qualified candidates to a few ideal positions.